Dobe & Sassy | Equine Portraiture Edinboro Pa

I have had a lot of firsts this year, animal portraits being one of them.  I don’t typically market myself for them, and I’m not always sure that I will be able to give the best portraits, but I haven’t heard otherwise! It’s exciting and fun to try new things every now and then, and I love animals so why the heck not?! Jenny and I go way back- like high school (I know it’s not THAT far back but still).  She was always an avid rider, and she loved it.  There was never any question about that.  So when I received a message from her, asking about some portraits of her”kiddos” I was so excited!! I used to ride (not quite so avidly) when I was younger and it was the absolute best time of my life.  I happily agreed and off we went.

Meeting Dobe and Sassy was something that is hard for me to put in words. There is just something so majestic about horses, and being around them and watching them interact with the world around the, is so beautiful.  These two are full of personality and spunk.  I loved watching Dobe try to sneak a snack or 3 in, and Sassy turning on her charm prancing around.  You can really tell that these horses are adored and cared for in a way that a mother cares for her children.  Jenny is an amazing woman, and her spirit is just a free and wild as her horses.  Enjoy Dobe and Sassy! (& Jenny too)

December 12, 2017

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