Jessica & Brandon | A Family in the Snow Engagement Mini | Erie Pa Engagement Session

The snow is finally here!! You know what else is finally up and running and absolutely perfect? This new blog and website situation.  Have you ever tried to fix something so many times that you just hated it? That’s how I was feeling.  My blog and site didn’t match what my brand is all about- romance and ease, so I had to change it for good.  Luckily, I was introduced to Showit by a few wonderful people (Julie Story, Jessica Husted, Matt Mead) and off I went! It’s absolutely perfect!! That meant I had to have an awesome blog post up my sleeves to debut- and boy do I have one for you!


Jessica and Brandon are getting married next year, so in typical SZP Bride fashion we started talking about their engagement session. We decided that since they already had some beautiful engagement portraits, we’d try our hand at a full family photo! That meant they would be bring their 2 sweet and cute as ever pups.   I LOVE meeting new furry friends, and they were angels the whole time! We met at Brown’s Farm in Milcreek Pa and the snow looked magical and clean.  That’s something special around these parts- the clean part that is- and you don’t have a big window before it all turns to tightly packed snow and brown slush.  When I met them, Brandon and Jessica were ready to go dogs on leash.  The pups were so excited to be out in the snow and I found out that this was actually the longest car ride they’ve gone on! So of course they were excited and full of energy.  They behaved wonderfully though, I may even think they were better behaved than my own kids for portraits.

I loved photographing this perfect little family, and I am so excited to be there next year for Brandon and Jessica’s wedding!

Brandon and Jessica- Thank you guys so much for braving the winter weather with your adorable family! It was so fun to meet you guys and spend some time together before next year!


A Snowy Family Engagement Session | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

December 14, 2017

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