Nate & Amber | A Snowy Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session | Edinboro Pa Photographer

Last weekend the snow came to Pa! It was about darn time if you ask me, and while I’m not so much a fan of the blistering cold I love the snow.  There is just something so magical and gorgeous about it, especially when you throw in a couple in love! Amber and Nate met me at Rick Walker Tree farm in Edinboro for their engagement session and it was so gorgeous! As I waited for their car to pull in the lot, it got colder and colder, and I knew I’d have to g out in the open soon.  My face was frozen in a smile because even though my outsides were stiff and blue, my insides were so warm and excited to meet them!

The cool thing about evergreen trees is that they are awesome at keeping the wind at bay.  The even cooler thing about Nate and Amber is that they are amazing and were so ready to have their portraits taken! Talking to them was like talking to old friends, we laughed and I *almost fell a handful of times (I’m clumsy it’s fine). We dove into the session and they were perfect.  It was like they could read my mind cuddling together before the words even came out of my mouth.  Nate told me I was making this so easy and awesome but really I think it was the other way around.  THEY WERE BLOWING MY MIND WITH AMAZINGNESS! I had the greatest time in the snow with them, and I can’t wait to be with them on heir wedding day next year.

Nate & Amber: Thank you both so much for believing me when I told you it was worth it.  Thank you for braving the bone chilling wind and snow soaked pants to create these beautiful memories.  I know you will look back on these in 10 years and remember how in love you are, how excited you are, and how special this time has been.  I am beyond elate for you and I’m just so ready and excited for 2018 with you!


A Snowy Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session Edinboro Pa | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

December 15, 2017

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