Joe & Sarah | A Record Breaking Blizzard Engagement | Erie Pa

If you have been watching  the news at all in the last few days, you’d know that there is a city in Pennsylvania that has been crushing the snowfall records lately.  I just happen to live in that city! Erie, Pa has always been a pretty snowy city, but this holiday weekend has really dumped an enormous amount of snow.  We’ve had about 7 feet in less than a week! You’d think that people would be in hibernation mode, afraid to leave the house and 100% definitely not in the place to have portraits taken- right?

Well for a few days you’d be right.  There was a weather emergency put in place, and cars that didn’t have 4 wheel drive or snow chains/tires weren’t permitted on the roads.  I had spoken to sweet Sarah before the storm, scheduling a date for their short stay at home.  Well wouldn’t you know it was smack dab in the middle of snowmageddon.  We moved it a few times, and pushed to the day before they were trying to go back home to Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was FREEZING! Joe and Sarah were total troopers.  It was snowing and blowing, and we could only stand on the road.  I even made a path for them when I spotted a cluster of trees in Joe’s parents backyard! The property was absolutely stunning, and the snow made it even more magical.

I am SO happy that we were able to squeeze these guys in between the storms, and that they held out long enough to get the most beautiful winter portraits.  While Sarah was changing into something warmer (read – with pants) I was getting my ring game on.  Joe asked if I could set the ring in this bear’s mouth, just for him.  I totally loved it!! It felt like it was 100% him and it’s probably one of  the coolest ring shots I’ve been able to take! Here’s a look at the engagement session that almost wasn’t , but thankfully was!

Did you catch that bear?! How cool right? I want to thank Sarah and Joe for being awesome, needing next to no assistance from me, and having killer style! They really brought their A game despite the weather.  It was a great way to end 2017 for me, and I’m so excited for their 2018- when they become Mr. and Mrs.!

Stay warm and Happy New Year! Wednesday I’ll be sharing my 2017 favorite moments and recap so check back in for that!


A Record Breaking Blizzard Engagement Session | Erie Pa Samantha Zenewicz Photography

January 1, 2018

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