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It’s finally time for the first actual post of 2018!! Now, before you get all excited know that this awesome session happened on Christmas Eve, so while it’s not technically a 2018 session I still really love it.  I wanted to make sure I start this year off with a bang because I have lots of fun things ready to go already for the new year.  There will be changes and surprises and new things that will make you so excited to be on this journey with me!

Let’s chat about the always dapper RJ for a few moments.  I recently photographed his sister with her pup and boy if only I knew that he was just natural around the camera as she is! Seriously I have no idea what their parents fed them growing up but I need some in bulk. If them being beautiful wasn’t enough, hey are the nicest, most kind hearted people I know.  That’s definitely why I didn’t have any problem doing a Christmas Eve session with them, because I knew they would be so excited and grateful as they always are.  Now, when I arrived to their home, I heard some shuffling around in the back where the big dog was. I say “big dog” in pretty much every way possible.  This guy is a beast but he was super friendly.  I have a German Shepherd so I am pretty chill around big pups, but oh man was I not ready for Barto! He was almost over half of my height just walking around.  Lucky for me, RJ has him trained and calm and they are just the best of friends.  You can really tell how much they love each other and that makes these images so special.  Take a look at the super awesome Christmas photos I was able to capture of RJ and his best friend Barto.

They look pretty darn amazing don’t they? I am kinda low key jealous that I don’t have epic portraits with my dog.  A big thanks to Cyndi and Rob (mom and dad) for making the most wonderful children ever, and for letting me photograph the crap out of them! You guys are the best.  Also a bigger thanks to RJ for totally being the best sport with my crazy requests in the snow, I know it was cold but you couldn’t even tell.

Almost to Friday!


Editorial Portraits with Dog | Edinboro Pa Samantha Zenewicz Photography

January 11, 2018

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