Suit and Tie | Groomsmen Details and Looks

Scrolling through my social media I noticed that there is always so much emphasis on bridal details and just brides in general.  What happened to the grooms?!? I feel like especially in today’s society (you know the one where love is love and that’s all) there should be an equal amount of attention paid to grooms’ details and style.  So I decided to take a peek at some of my favorite groom photos and share them with you.  There were some dapper dudes last year and know that this year is already full of some killer style too.  Looking back through weddings and such I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of detail and time I spend with my grooms.  I know that most of the time (not always!) I only speak to the Bride until the engagement session, but I’m sure it’s nice to have some seriously awesome portraits as a groom, and have all the details captured that you put thought into.

That being said, I give you the SZP Grooms!


January 17, 2018

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