Styling With Sam, The Workshop Behind the Scenes

I love Fridays.  Not because they are the start of the weekend, but because everyone is always in such a good mood! I want to take this amazing day and tell you about some of the behind the scenes work and moments that were part of the first workshop! When I was putting together the education for this workshop, I thought back to my very first wedding.  I thought about all of the things I was terrified of, and what things I wish someone would have told me.  I thought about both technical things and emotional things.  I wanted these photographers, new and old, to feel welcomed and unafraid to be at whatever level they are at right now.

The morning of the workshop I was TERRIFIED.  I was sweaty and nervous and I felt like I could throw up, pee myself, and hide in a hole all at one time.  With a few messages from my dear friend Jessica I knew this was it.  The moment that everything would change in my journey.  I would now be able to teach and cheer fellow photographers.  I’d be able to help others achieve what took me SO long to achieve. The looks on their faces as I started my welcome said it all.  They were ready.

I had 4 women from all different levels of business owner at the workshop.  There is Lauren, of Lauren Rachelle Photography, who has been doing this for years, and Jessica (who came all the way from State College!), who is brand new to the business! Sami is actually Lauren’s 2nd shooter, and she is the sweetest thing ever. She’s on her way to learning the art and she’s doing and amazing job.  Last, but definitely not least there is Michaela.  We have a very special connection.  I mentored Michaela in her baby business years! She has grown so much in such a short time and I was so excited that she was ready to take it to the next level.

Watching all of these girls take notes as I spoke or laugh at my awful jokes really made more of an impact on me than I was ready for.  I left the space that afternoon feeling so full. I felt like a millionaire, like I could literally do anything in that moment.  I want to feel that all of the time! I am so happy I made the decision to help bring others up, and not put “competition” down.  It just makes more sense to me that in order to better myself, I need to better others as well!

I tried so hard to take photos of everyone doing their things! I think I succeeded! It was so fun to look through all of these and relive the day. I felt pretty much all of the emotions all over again! Each attendee received a new headshot, and they ended up getting 3-because I mean really how can you get just 1? The super cool surprise? I edited their headshots not only in my bright and airy style, but also in THEIR styles so they can share the image and it will fit right in! That was something super fun I decided to do while editing, and it was amazing to show them.

Enjoy looking through some BTS photos and see if you can match up what they’re photographing with my images from the shoot posted on Wednesday!




If you want to check out these amazing photographers- here’s their websites or facebook pages!

Lauren- ;

Michaela- ;




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April 6, 2018

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