Ollie’s Spring Flower Child Dream | Erie Pennsylvania Dress Up Portraits

Dress up portraits are something that I started with my daughter before she could even tell me no.  I knew that eventually there’d be a time where she didn’t want to do them anymore, but I also knew she’d come back. Ollie is one free spirited girl; she’s full of fire and ‘tude.   Sure sometimes it drives me crazy, but it also gives me a bit of an edge when it comes to photographing her.  All I have to do is play into whatever her current obsession is.  Recently, she’s been very interested in makeup and I had some serious feelings about this tree that had started to bloom. So I came up with a cute flower fairy concept and away we went.

It’s so fun to have a little model who loves to pose and make faces with.  I really use it to my advantage because I get to try out new things with her, and her photo album is always full.  Always.  We grabbed a few skirts and off we went.  The light was pure magic, and even though it was a bit breezy, she did her thing and made her mommy emotional.  I am so thankful that I am able to have memories like this for her to look at when she gets older.  I know sometimes we fight the whole way there, and there are so many moments I want to put my camera down and be done, but we push through.   We really are lucky to call her ours, and we’re ready to lock all the doors and windows when she gets older (have you seen this kid’s eyes?). For now, I’ll still call her my baby and dress her up like the princess she will always be.

Spring Flower Children Portrait | Erie Pennsylvania Dress Up Portraits | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

June 11, 2018

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