Mr. & Mrs. Reininger | An Erie Yacht Club Wedding

“We were thinking of maybe doing some of our portraits on a friend’s boat.  Do you think that would be ok?” Meredith sat across from me in the Panera booth and I about jumped out of my chair.  I’ve never been on a sailboat or anything, and I knew that the portraits would be beyond beautiful, but I tried to stifle my excitement a bit.  Fast forward to June 16th, the day Mason and Meredith gathered all of their friends and family.

I looked up the weather forecast and saw the chance of rain.  I brushed it off because I just knew that it was going to be a fantastic day.  I had the feeling.  When we arrived to the Clarion Hotel I dug out the room number and attempted to find the room.I failed naturally so I had to back track to the front desk and ask where the heck I was supposed to be going.  It turned out I was right there, just on the opposite side of the room.  Meredith was already looking amazing, and her bridesmaids were busy dong last minute things.  I glanced into the corner behind what looked to be the bar are of the room and saw Meredith’s mom and a bridesmaid working with all of these breathtaking flowers.  I got SO EXCITED! I love when I can watch things like that because I feel like I get an inside scoop on something special.  It turns out that the bridesmaid, Mallory, owns and runs Everyday Rose Events.  Her work was stunning; the bouquets were full of bright and vibrant colors and textures that blew me away.  I even asked if I could grab a few extras and she was so sweet and let me look through a bin!

Meredith’s details were so special and so wonderfully put together.  I was in heaven.  I wanted to do them extra justice since her jewelry was form Kate Spade, and peonies were placed in a few key shots in ode of the beautiful designer. We were off to the Yacht Club, less than an hour before the ceremony. As Sammy and I drove down the path to park, I couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful all of the boats were.  If I could photograph weddings there every day I would do it.  The sun was peaking out from some clouds, the water had just enough movement, and Mason was ready to see his bride. I loved being able to watch up close as she got closer and closer to him, and his emotions took hold for a second.  It’s one of my top favorite parts of a wedding day.  Sometimes all you see is a glimmer in their eye, and sometimes they go full cry.  Either way I just get this rush of emotion for every person in the room.  I love it.  The ceremony was beautiful, 2 poems were read and there was a stillness in the air.  As I watched Mason and Meredith exchange rings and vows, a few boats sailed by behind them.  I realized that this was the most perfect location for them in that moment.

When it was time for bridal party portraits, I grew a tiny knot of nervousness in my stomach.  It had been cleared that the boat was a go, and that it was beautiful.  I was super excited but also terrified because I am a land person 100%.  Some of the bridal party joked with me as I wobbled on the dock and we piled on the bus.  The sailboat was more than beautiful.  It was exquisite.  The owner, and friend, stood proudly and watched as everyone stood together and cheered.  The bridal party climbed off and we were left to make some epic portraits.  I may have almost fallen off, but it was worth it.

The reception at the Yacht Club was simple and beautiful.  The coordinator Elizabeth was the sweetest and she even let us in on a special event that would happen at sunset.  Every night, the crew takes down the flags (There’s a term for this but since I’m not a sailor or boater I don’t actually know what it is) and lights off the cannon.  Tonight, the new Mr. and Mrs. would have the honors of lighting it.  I was warned that while I wanted to be in the front it would be loud.  I didn’t think much since the cannon is teeny tiny but oh boy does that thing pack a punch to the eardrums! It was such a special moment and I’m so happy I was able to be there for it.  Take a look below at some of my favorite moments from this beautiful day!

Mason and Meredith: Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this day.  I knew from our first meeting together that we’d have so much fun and that your wedding would be one for the books.  You both are just wonderful selfless people and I know that your life will be filled with so much love and laughter.  I wish you both nothing but the utmost best and I’m so honored to have met you.


A huge thank you goes out to some of the vendors who helped make Mason and Meredith’s wedding perfect and beautiful in every way!

Bridal Dress Designer: Rembo Styling

Bridal Shop : Ve-Ka Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: Personal Choice

Bridal Shoes: David’s Bridal

Bridal Jewelry : Kate Spade

Florals: Mallory Kwiatkowski, Everyday Rose’ Events

Venue: Erie Yacht Club

Coordinator: Elizabeth Dougan

Entertainment Services: Elegant Performances, Kirk Dietrich

June 20, 2018

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