A Whispering Trees Engagement | Adam and Leah

“He’s so wholesome”.  Even though it may have been a joke or lack of better adjectives, after spending time with Adam and Leah I think that wholesome is a great word to describe their love for one another.  We met on a warm sunny evening, the light hit all of  the trees in the most magical way. I had never been to Whispering Trees Manor before, and I was so excited to see the land and plan things out in my head.  When Adam and Leah pulled in and got out of the car, I saw Leah’s beautiful orange dress fall out of the car and hit the ground.  She wasn’t wearing shoes and I just knew it was going to be perfect.

We laughed and made our way to a bridge to get the ball rolling. In the first few minutes, I realized that even though they both told me photos were not usually their strong suit, they were beautiful.  The way they just fit together, and how Leah’s smile lit up Adam’s face.  I ask my couples to do some weird things during our time together, and I am so happy that Leah and Adam just trusted me and went with it.  They never once doubted me, even when I asked Adam to look back and make sure she was still there.

While I was walking the grounds, I noticed the most amazing thing I have ever seen at a venue.  Alpacas.  2 of them, the most adorable things ever.  They were so fluffy and peaceful.  I may have gotten quite excited but how can you not? I can’t wait for the wedding for these guys.  They have been waiting to plan this day and it’s finally here.  After spending time on different continents (crazy!) they are finally together and ready to be husband and wife.

A Whispering Trees Engagement | Erie Pennsylvania | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

July 3, 2018

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