A Lake Minnewaska Engagement

I looked out the window as the speedometer needle lowered.  The view was terrifyingly beautiful.  I could feel my heart quicken as I tried to meander my way through the mountain roads.  When I arrived and got out of the car, the warm summer air took me by surprise.  I heard the sweetest voice as I looked up the hill and saw the most adorable couple ever.  They looked STUNNING! I love meeting my couples for the first time.  It’s so exciting after talking via email or on the phone for so long so actually put faces to names.  I was trying desperately not to look afraid.  I thought it was working.

We walked further up to get a good look at the area and get started.  I quickly found out that Kristina and Anthony are avid outsiders- adventurers at heart.  This was going to be so fun! We started right on a cliff.  Why not make it a party from the beginning? Once we got over the 7 minutes of a little awkwardness I knew that they were total naturals.  We talked about wedding details and their story and I learned that online dating is becoming far more amazing with each new year.  Anthony was working as an EMT and busy busy. While he wanted to, he just didn’t have time for the dating scene.  Kristina was in school and working all hours of the day.  When she got home the LAST thing she wanted to do was get ready to go on dates.  So they found themselves in the world of online dating.  Now this next part is the best.  Kristina laughed and called him dramatic but I believed him.  There was something about the way he looked when he told it.  When he saw her photo pop up he stopped and took a long look.  It was like he couldn’t look away and he knew this was it.  She was the one for him.  The rest as they say, was history.

Walking through the warm grass after dangling their feet over the world we talked about how the proposal happened and I learned another thing- Kristina isn’t that big of a fan of surprises and maybe she was a tiny bit nosy.  She found the ring, box that is.  She didn’t dare open it though because just seeing the box was enough.  I think that personally it would drive me crazier knowing that the future would hold that one question, but you’d never know when it would happen. . .

Thank you Anthony and Kristina for laughing at my inability to properly breathe on the side of a mountain, dance with no music in the middle of a road, and trust me with these moments.  Your wedding this fall is just a short time away and I cannot wait to capture those moments as well! Enjoy!

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July 24, 2018

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