Mr. & Mrs. Krawczyk | A Qunicy Cellars Winery Wedding

The morning sun was bright and hot.  More hot than usual.  It was a windows down kind of drive and I was so excited to see how things were going at Quincy Estate.  I had been waiting for Carrie and Jeremy’s wedding for some time. We had such a great time during their engagement session, and I just knew that their wedding was going to be amazing.  As I pulled and took a look around the grounds, I knew it couldn’t have been more perfect for them.  Walking in, I was welcomed with a bright sea of blue and green.  It was so refreshing! Carrie and Jeremy and the best looking ring bearer Carson walked in with a big smile on their faces and we were ready to go.  Her details were beautiful and the florals were so unique.  I loved that I had never seen a bouquet like that before.  Thankfully, the winery was air conditioned because little did we know the temps outside were climbing to a steamy height.

During a beautiful ceremony, Carson turned and pointed out the baby birds and mama bird who were causing a bit of a scene.  It was hilarious and definitely a memory that no one who was there will forget.  We gathered for portraits and took a short walk around the grounds.  Sounds of Carrie’s laughter echoed through the lines of grape vines. She was just a picture of joy.  The reception even though thy called small, was filled with people who couldn’t have been more happy to be there.  We danced and laughed into the evening.

I don’t think I stoped smiling for a second that day.  I love all of my couples so much and Mr. & Mrs. Krawczyk were no exception.  They are just so caring and sweet, they even checked on me a few times just to make sure I was having fun! Who, on their wedding day takes the time to make sure their photographer is having fun? They do. It really spoke to my heart just how wonderful this marriage and life together will be.  Something I didn’t expect to take away from their wedding really held in my soul for a few days.  When it comes to getting married and having a wedding, take the time to enjoy it and make sure everyone there will enjoy it as their own.  Sure it was a “big wedding”.  If I may be totally transparent, it was the most fun wedding I’ve been to in a while.  Everyone danced.  Everyone laughed.  Everyone stayed and loved on the couple.  You could feel the love coming out the windows.  I was happy to share it with them, and happy I can share it with you too!

A big thank you to all of the amazing vendors who worked to make this day special!

Bridal Gown:  Morilee (Maedline Gardner)One Enchanted Evening

Florist: Flowers By Valjeane

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Quincy Cellars

DJ/ Entertainment Services: Elegant Perfomances – Kirk Dietrich

Cake: It Takes the Cake!

Catering: Quincy Cellars

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal 

Invitations: Shutterfly

July 25, 2018

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