Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan | An Edinboro Autumn Wedding At Nick’s Place

The hustle and bustle of a wedding day is something that I can never seem to grasp.  I never can come up with a plan to ease the craziness of a wedding day, but Amber had it under control.  She was so calm and just ready to get married! I loved it, and the staff at Nick’s place was right there with me as I told her how amazing and kick ass that was.  It was so sunny outside, but cold.  Not like a brisk fall day.  It was goosebumps on your arms cold.  The sun may have been warm but when that wind blew whooooo! Luckily it calmed down just in time for these two to say I do.

Bride and Groom both shared a sweet moment with their fathers.  Nate joined his dad just before going to the ceremony to pray together and I couldn’t help but just take it in.  Hearing the words his father called out was something that I wish more people did on their wedding days.  It was the perfect way to get started.  Amber shared a first look with a tearful dad, and that escalated to a slightly tearful bride but it quickly faded to a fit of giggling and she was ready to go.

My favorite part of a ceremony is the first time the groom looks up and sees his beautiful soon to be spouse walking down the aisle toward him.  His face lights up, sometimes with tears.  It’s pure magic.  Nate didn’t disappoint as he wiped his cheek.  The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt.  They shared a sand ceremony and sealed their new life together with a sweet kiss.  It was time to party!

Nick’s place in Edinboro is a beautiful place to get married.  With a porch ceremony and reception inside their white walled space, the lights from the DJ lit everyone up beautifully.  We danced and laughed and they made some beautiful memories.  Take a peek at some of my favorites!

A huge thanks goes out to all of the vendors that helped make Nate and Amber’s wedding day so wonderful! I know they are just so grateful.

Dress: David’s bridal

Ceremony Venue: Nick’s Place 

Wedding Planner / Coordinator: Katie ; Nick’s Place

DJ/ Entertainment Services: Rappin’ Rick 

Cake: Giant Eagle

Catering:  Nick’s Place 

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen and Groom attire: Men’s Warehouse

Invitations:  Zazzle 

Nate and Amber, I just want to tell you that spending the day with you and your friends and family as you start your life together.  It was such a special day for me as I’ve come to know you both and I can’t wait to see how wonderful your life is as husband and wife.  Thank you so much for letting me in and laughing at my terrible jokes ( and standing in the freezing shade because it was so pretty).


An Autumn Edinboro Wedding | Edinboro Pennsylvania Wedding | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

October 10, 2018

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