Mr. & Mrs. Stephenson | A New Year’s Eve Wedding In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

He stood there just outside the elevator, waiting to hear the ding of the doors opening.  He was nervous, but so ready to see his almost wife.  The waiting and emotions got the best of him as a tear streamed down his face.  The elevator doors opened and you could hear a pin drop.  All that mattered was the racing breaths and sniffles of the most beautiful moments I’ve been blessed to capture.

There is nothing like a New Year’s Eve wedding.  Literally nothing as festive.  Derek and Karla picked the best day to say I do.  I knew from the start that their wedding would be so beautiful.  With details in black and white stripes and touches of gold, it was a party waiting to happen! The weather, while not snowy and wintery, was quite mild for December.  It was a little easier for Lauren and I to walk around downtown Pittsburgh without parkas! The William Penn Omni Hotel always wows me with its beauty.  The vintage adornments and attention to detail wasn’t lost in the holiday bustle.

Taking time to have 99% of their portraits taken before their ceremony was a blessing, but as we pulled up to the church I knew the day was far from over.  This 14 hour day was well worth the tired feet and sore cheeks from smiling! Their ceremony was not short or long, just the right length.  The bridesmaids black gowns contrasted the white church walls, and the amount of love pouring out from the guests consumed me.  It was so fun to see everyone dressed to the nines in their New Year’s best! There were plenty of sparkles and lots of fur.

My favorite part? The moments after I do.  The dancing that the new Mr. & Mrs. Stephenson shared during their reception.  I have NEVER seen a dance floor this packed.  It was never ending. I know that their band, Walk of Love (Walk of Shame Band) definitely had something to do with that.  Lead singer Sean even jumped out into the crowd with a back up mic and let the guest go with it! Seriously though, the music was fantastic and if I wasn’t so focused on trying to get photos of everyone having a blast I would have been stage front jamming out.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite moments from Derek and Karla’s beautiful, meaningful wedding. Enjoy them!


Gorgeous right?? Did you catch the bridal party photo that I think should be gracing the covers of Vanity Fair? That photo took 10 minutes to set up, and I know everyone was hoping I knew what I was doing.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that pleased with how something I envisioned came to life before.  It was perfection.  I want to thank all of the vendors who came together on New Year’s Eve to make The Stephenson wedding perfect.  I know that it wouldn’t have been the same without any of them!


Wedding Gown: Eddy K, Toula’s Bridal; Youngstown, Ohio

Ceremony Venue: St. Benedict of the Moor Catholic Church; Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Reception Venue: William Penn Omni Hotel ; Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Wedding Coordinator: Lora Peluso, William Penn Omni

Entertainment: Walk of Love Band (Walk of Shame Band)

Videographer: Aaron Pangio

Catering: William Penn Omni Hotel

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu’s 

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse 

Big thanks to my second shooter, Lauren Harris of Lauren Rachelle Photography! You can check out her work here!


New Year's Eve Black Tie Wedding | Pittsburgh Pa Wedding | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

January 8, 2019

  1. Lora Peluso says:

    Your photos were marvelous!!

  2. Patti Rocknic says:

    I can’t imagine how hard it will be for you to pick your favorite shots since they are all perfect. You all look like you just walked out of “Brides Magazine.” Karla and Derick you two should be in the movies, with your looks and personalities, It ( the movie) would be the “Movie of the Year”.
    Love you both, Patti

  3. Cheryl Sandberg says:

    Wonderful breathtaking pictures with the statement and write up that touches everybody’s heart including those of could not be there the people in this wedding or absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and should be on every fashion book in the world I love the photos I’m so happy for the couple

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