A Snowy Engagement Session on Presque Isle | Niko & Kaitlin

The cold snowflakes fell on Kaitlin’s hair as he tucked it behind her ear. It was cold in Erie Pa, but it made for the most magical looking engagement photos! Niko and Kaitlin, clad in their formal best were excited and making jokes the entire session. IT was like they weren’t even aware that we were one of the select few groups of people outside, let alone in between the bay and Lake Erie. They danced in the middle of the road, stole sweet kisses and snuggled together while the snow softly fell around them.

I typically work with brides.  I say typically because sometimes I get an email from an excited groom to be.  This was one of those times.  I knew right away that while Niko wanted the best of the best, he was so sweet and a total jokester! This was only solidified when we met.  I learned that Kaitlin is an archeologist, and that is probably the coolest job in the world.  She definitely didn’t look like someone who enjoys digging and searching for ancient bones and artifacts though.  She donned a fur cape that was a beautiful neutral shade over a midnight blue floor length gown.  It was stunning.  It matched her beautiful engagement ring and pearl necklace perfectly. Let’s talk about that engagement ring because I adore it.  There are two stones; one is a sapphire and the other is a piece of beach glass from Lake Erie.  Specifically, the beach that we were just on the other side of.  Talk about destiny in location! It’s also the location of their post wedding brunch, so I was just on a roll.

I always talk about trusting me wen it comes to posing and locations and outfits.  I don’t like to harp on about it, but I feel like when the words don’t come from me it’s much stronger.  In this case, the pre engagement session guide I sent over was apparently a “lifesaver” when it came to planning! I love that! Niko and Kaitlin put all of their trust in me during our session.  They even danced in the middle of the road ( we may have had to yell game off a few times but that’s ok).  Looking through these images I just couldn’t stop smiling.  The joy in them was just enhanced by how effortless they reacted to my posing cues, the genuine smiles and emotion they were sharing, and the environment around them that obviously plays a big part on their story.  I hope you enjoy some of these gorgeous snow filled engagement photos!

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A Snowy Engagement Session on Presque Isle | Erie Pa Engagement | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

January 23, 2019

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