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A few weeks ago I shared an amazing blog post about the importance of hiring a calligrapher for your invitation suite. I loved the feedback I got from that post, even with some of my own brides! Kelly and Buck work so hard (as well as other calligraphers and letterers do!) to really give the best, and I know it was super great for them to feel heard.  That being said, I can understand from a personal level that sometimes there just isn’t room in a budget.  I want you to know that it’s ok. Do not feel guilty about it!

I have posted about this awesome resource before, at the end of this post you can check it out.  Jessica with Pro Flowers is sharing some tips on creating “faux-ligraphy” for signs or envelopes or even fun decor.  Check it out below!


If there’s something that a photographer knows, it’s that the details are everything. The best wedding shots are made by the personal touches, emotions and details they capture. Everyone is looking for ways to make their wedding special and personal to them. In order to achieve a unique wedding style, many couples have turned to DIY projects and personalization. There is something about beautiful flowing calligraphy that adds sophistication to DIYs and takes a project to a new level. Not everyone is skilled in the art of calligraphy, but no need to worry, these faux calligraphy tips and tutorial are your new secret DIY weapon. Faux Calligraphy can yield the same impressive results as classic calligraphy with a fraction of the effort. Essentially, it is created by strategically tracing over simple handwriting — typically people like to use script fonts, like cursive but faux calligraphy can be done with non-cursive fonts as well. To create faux calligraphy you can follow the simple six steps laid out in this infographic by ProFlowers. They also included faux calligraphy stying ideas and tips for inspiration of how to use faux calligraphy in your various projects!

I am loving the different ways they use this faux calligraphy, and I know that while it’s not the same, it is enough to spice up any old text.  You can practice by looking at script fonts, and writing your favorite words over and over.  Almost like we all did back in grade school on the front/back of our notebooks! Unless I’m the only one who actually did that.  In that case, nevermind! I hope this is helpful to those who may feel pressured into spending money that they just don’t have for invitations or decor.  You can even make a fun day out of it with your bride tribe! Comment down below if you’ve tried your hand at this!

Big thanks to Pro Flowers for providing my readers with some helpful tips! Check them out here!

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Details Matter | DIY Calligraphy | Wedding Planning

February 19, 2019

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