An Autumn Picnic Engagement Session | Taylor & Nicole

Picnics in the park are so romantic I think. Today I’m introducing another one of my 2019 couples! This is Taylor and Nicole, one of the most adorable couples I’ve ever seen.  Finally meeting them in person was a relied, after hatting over email for so long I like to get to hug ya! It was a beautiful overcast fall day and I knew we were in for an adventure.  I had no idea just how adventurous we’d be getting but it was so much fun.

About a half hour into our time together it started to sprinkle.  No fun right? Wrong! I had brought some clear umbrellas just in case, and I was so happy we had them.  It went from a light sprinkle to just rain in moments.  We worked through it, because these guys were champs.  It was then that I looked up and realized exactly who Nicole reminded me of.  Doesn’t she share the resemblance of one Royal Meghan we all know and love?? It was driving me crazy trying to figure out who it was, but once I realized it was like right there in my face I couldn’t unsee it. (That’s not a bad thing because let’s face it they’re both stunning!)

We left the park and drove downtown, but once we started shooting at the art museum the weather took a turn.  It started to HAIL. We quickly found shelter at the Tap House and I had a genius idea. Let’s just see what we can do in there, and maybe by the time a beer or two have come and gone the hail will stop.  It was 100% on the fly and it was definitely one of my favorite moments from an engagement session to date.  I think it turned out perfect! Take a peek below at some of the awesomeness that occurred!


Taylor and Nicole- I cannot wait for your wedding this year!! Let’s just try for no hail this time right? I’m so happy that we were able to work together and I know that your wedding day will be absolutely amazing!


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An Autumn Picnic Engagement Session | Erie Pa Engagement | Samantha Zenewicz Photography

April 10, 2019

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