A Teal and Purple Downtown Wedding | Mr. & Mrs. Jarema

” I met Kaitlin and thought wow she’s really down to earth, I mean I know she digs in the dirt every day but that’s really down to earth!”

The best joke in a mother’s toast.  In a nutshell that was just how this group of family members and friends were.  Niko and Kaitlin had a beautiful wedding this past weekend in downtown Erie. I met with them Saturday morning at the Courtyard Marriott on the bay.  It was chilly, and a bit windy.  Niko and I had already decided that we needed to change the location of the first look so I was on the hunt.  The hotel is directly on the water, and that led me to decide outside wasn’t an option.  However, the commonly utilized skywalk would give them everything they wanted.  We would have heat, protection from any wind, and you could see the water.  It was a winner.  As I went back to the rooms and watched Niko and Kaitlin get ready, I got a sense of who they were as a couple.  They were fun, laughter filled people who just wanted to be married and have the best day of their lives.  They weren’t hung up on details or timelines, it just happened. I loved seeing them be at ease even moments before they shared a beautiful first look.

The moment they were announced husband and wife, a roar emerged from the sanctuary. Their loved ones surrounded them in praise and smiles.  Everyone came together, even all the way from California to be there.  I knew it was time to have a blast and I couldn’t wait to party with them. Their reception was held at Union Station Concourse.  A large venue that held all of their friends and family.  We went up to the train station for some portraits, Kaitlin being giddy with excitement as she saw the platform.  It was so fun to see.  Niko is probably one of my favorite grooms to date.  It was his wedding day and he was complimenting ME all over the place.  It really just made it all the more special knowing my couple shared their love with me. The bridal party was busy cracking jokes and sharing memories, changing from their formal dress shoe attire to matching custom high top sneakers that Niko and Kaitlin created.   Everyone got a pair of bright fun socks to go with, and I was so excited when I saw a pair of Bob Ross ones.   I mean how could you not love that.  It was little things like that, and the cake topper that Niko hand painted to match their looks all the way down to the sneakers, that made everything 100% them.  Instead of clinking glasses to kiss, they put out a 20 sided die and challenged guests to roll their chosen number.  If the guest succeeded, the bride and groom would share a kiss. Super fun twist!!

Receptions are a time that I get to see everyone come alive.  I watch as parents dance with their children, friends from high school and college see each other after years apart.  Everyone who attended this reception was determined to have the best time possible.  The dance floor was packed the entire time, everyone was laughing and singing.  The emotion that emanated from the room was beautiful and bright, and I know it made the night magical for the newlyweds.  Enjoy some of these moments, they are my favorite and I was truly honored to be there.

A HUGE thank you to all of the vendors, friends and family who helped make Niko and Kaitlin’s day so special:

Courtyard Marriott Bayfront

Blessed Sacrament Church

The Concourse at Union Station

David’s Bridal

Combatant Gentleman

Cathy’s Flower Shoppe

McGreevy Cake Company

Ambridge Rose Salon

Knox Music and Entertainment

Mr. & Mrs. Jarema- thank you from the very bottom of my heart for including me in your day.  I can only imagine how it felt from your side, and I truly loved every second of it.  I hope that you spend eternity loving each other and laughing with each other the way you did on this day.


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April 30, 2019

  1. Mike and Michelle Sirota says:

    Fantastic wedding… for an incredible couple!!! No one desires an amazing life more than the two of you!!! Best to both of you!!! Great job on everyone’s part!!! Love…Mike and Michelle Sirota

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