An Etherial Edinboro Wedding | Patrick & Karley

Have you ever been to a wedding, maybe even your own, and just thought to yourself “wow this is so them”? When I got the email from Karley saying I had to photograph their wedding I knew this would be one of those times. Karley and Pat are both artists, people of their own will and just so much fun.  I knew that their wedding would be all of that tied into one. What I didn’t know is that I’d be just as emotional at this wedding as part of their family.

Karley and I attended the same college, had similar life experiences and share some pretty amazing friends.  To hold the honor of photographing their wedding day was something I held so, so dear.  I arrived to a group of excited girls jamming out to 80’s music.  There were hand painted leather jackets hung with a bridal gown, a banana flask hanging out on a counter, and lots of laughing.  I was greeted by hugs and so many excited hellos.  As Karley brought all of her details out I got a great sense of exactly the kind of wedding we were having today.  It was 100% them.  Artistic but traditional, sentimental but fun.  All of the things that these two hold close.

I really could sit here and tell you so many things about why I had so much fun with them on their wedding day, but instead I think I’ll just share some of their images with you.  I do want to give literally the biggest shout out to my very good friend Jessica for coming along to help out.  I really couldn’t have gotten through the day without her.

Pat & Karley- where do I even begin? I could say thank you for having me as a part of the day but that seems not even close to enough.  This has been a journey, and to know that I was there to see some of it unfold was so wonderful.  I wish you nothing but laughter and love, wisdom and peace.  You two are each other’s rock and it shows from miles away.


A big thanks to all of the talented vendors who helped make this day possible:

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Nicks Place

Bridal Designer: David’s Bridal, Brodie Ln. in Austin TX

Florist:  Allburn 

Cake: Yvonne May 

Bridal Accessories: Wedding ring: TheBeaLine, Garter set: HelenandJulia, Headband: mytasu, Cufflinks: retrobeadsandbangles, 

Invitations: Minted

DJ Services: Knox Music and Entertainment

Second Photographer: Jessica Husted

June 3, 2019

  1. Maggie Wood says:

    The photos are amazing! Thank you for capturing their beautiful day!

    • Samantha Zenewicz says:

      Thank you so much! They really made it so easy, all I needed to do was let them be and they did the rest.

  2. Patty Kelly says:

    Fantastic job!!

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