A Beachy Engagement Session | Loghan & Levi

If you’ve ever been in Erie longer than a few weeks chances are you’ve been to or at least seen Presque Isle. It’s a hidden gem, not because it’s hard to get to or see, but because rarely is it seen for its beauty.  Levi & Loghan knew as soon as we started talking about their engagement session that this is where they wanted to meet. Their wedding will be in the winter, so we took the time to grab some beautiful scenic sunset portraits, laugh in the warm grass, and even watch as I got attacked by a rather large wave.

From Loghan,

“Levi and I both go to Edinboro.  We met during the spring semester of freshman year when he transferred from another school. We ended up in the same chemistry class, eventually becoming lab partners.  We became good friends and started dating a few months later.  We knew it was just meant to be from the start! You could say we had some chemistry < 🙂 > ”

Enjoy the warmth from these portraits.  I can’t decide if the warmth comes from the sun we had or the love these two share.  I’ll leave that up to you!

August 12, 2019

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