A Spooky Romance Styled Shoot | Halloween Styled Shoot

Halloween Styled Shoot | Wedding Inspiration | Spooky Romance

Halloween- my all time favorite holiday! If you know me well enough, you know that literary and film artists such as Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Anne Rice, and Time Burton are some of my favorite people.  They’re dark and sometimes scary, but also sometimes so beautiful.  When I decided to put together a styled shoot this spooky season, I knew I wanted to take my reading material into account.  The images may stray from my usual bright and romantic preferences, but I wanted to show another side that I rarely let out.  It felt so good to be moody and dark for a minute. I give you, the storyline of our Spooky Romance.

Samuel- a creature just searching for a soul to fit with his own, meets a beautiful woman.  Her name was Eleanor, meaning shining bright one.  She was so bright, her porcelain skin the softest shade. Her cheeks would flush slightly when she smiled, and he knew she’d make the most perfect half of his.  She finds him naturally attractive, and kind. So kind. Everything that he truly wasn’t inside. They fell in love quickly and hard. It was like a free fall into darkness, but she found herself trusting him every step of the way. She made her way, never meeting the masked man that emerged as she slept.  He wanted to wait.  Until she couldn’t run, couldn’t scream. They agreed to run away, partake in a small and intimate ceremony.  He planed the whole thing, laying out a beautiful white satin gown out for her.  She had no idea of the plans that he had, to entwine their souls into one, and the process would be beautiful and terrifying.

His grip on her hands was firm.  Unwavering. His gazed held hers the entire time they spoke.  He chanted words to her, a language she couldn’t understand but didn’t care.  She was entranced by the love she felt, and the whole world melted away.  As if jolted from a nightmare, her vision suddenly cleared and who stood before her would scare even the bravest. Staring into her eyes was a monster. Features of a man and fowl, muscles large and unlike man. Yet he was still the kind face she loved.  His eyes showed the soul that she felt safe with.  She should have run, anyone would, but she stayed. She inched closer and took his hands into hers.  As she drew near, the final transformation took them over.  She felt her body burning and freezing simultaneously. What emerged from the smoke was a couple so beautiful and terrifying that the trees seemed to shake.  She stayed. He was right.  As they walked into the night together, the atmosphered convulsed.  The clouds fell from the sky, it was so cold. Almost as if they never lifted their feet, they walked off together never to be seen by another.

This session couldn’t have happened without the work and creativity of all of the vendors who came together.  I am so proud that I worked with some of my favorite new “friendors”. 

Styling and Furniture Rentals: Lounge Vintage Events

Florals: A Floral Affair

Paper Goods: Humming With Finnegan

Smoke Bombs: Shutterbombs

Halloween Styled Shoot | Wedding Inspiration | Spooky Romance

October 30, 2019

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