A Rim Rock Engagement | Kyle & Jen

Driving through Warren with the windows down, I smiled.  It was beautiful.  The sun was bright and warm and I was so excited to see Kyle and Jen again.   I tried to keep track of where exactly I was going, and I had been warned that cell service was touch and go up the mountain.  If there’s anything that makes me nervous more while driving, it’s not knowing where I’m going! I pulled into a parking lot, and looked at the car next to me to see my amazing couple, ready to go!

We walked around the overlook, ventured to some nearby rocks that had a stellar view, and all the while short bursts of song broke out.  I really think that Kyle is like a karaoke master or something because his range of musical knowledge scales even mine.  It really made the whole afternoon that much more fun. We climbed down some stairs that looked like they came out of Narnia, walked a bit down the trail, and I stopped them a few times.  We now have an ongoing joke that animals are not my friend.  Especially bears. When we first met, after talking about their venue in Orchard Park, NY, I had mentioned that driving that direction was the first time I saw a bear traffic sign.  Like you know how they have dear crossing, or turtle ones? There are bear ones too, and the first time I had ever seen one, I saw a bear on the side of the road.  I nearly had to pull over to regain myself.  They thought that was hilarious, and now we know that Sam and bears- not a good combo.  Luckily there were no bears in Warren.

We had a great time, and as I went through their images searching for all of the ones I wanted to share with you, I realized that each of my couples say the same sort of thing when we start.  It’s something along the lines of ” We are so awkward in photos” or “I am not photogenic at all so you’re going to need to work with that”. Big fat lies.  It was so easy to talk them through the posing flow.  I let them laugh together, cuddle in, rub noses and be silly.  All of these things are so easy to do, and once we start I realized they just haven’t been directed in this type of way before. All it takes is a few good cues, and some confidence.  I obviously have that in all of my couples because they’re all so wonderful!

From Jen, on their engagement story,

“We took this epic trip to Utah where we started in Las Vegas, rented a car and then went to Zion, Bryce, Monument Valley, Arches and Salt lake! We took a hike around the monuments and when we were in the middle of nowhere with no one around he set up the camera and tripod to “take a picture”.  Little did I know that he had the camera set to take a picture every second and captured the whole proposal!!” 

Can we just say how adorable they are? Enjoy some of their amazing Rim Rock engagement moments!!


*Also this is one of the songs we pulled out and it was one of my favorite choices, even though I missed the correct season to share it in!!

November 11, 2019

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