Best of 2019 | Behind the Scenes!

This post, while the last of the Best of 2019, may be your favorite! This is where I share all of the great faces I make during wedding days, the time when my second shooters snap some real keepers.  It’s fun for me to share these with you though, because they’re real.  They are the moments I don’t always share about, but I always remember. Now, I get to share them with you all.  Before we begin however, let’s all take a minute to admire that high bun in %50 of the photos.  I am contemplating letting it make a come back for the 2020 season. Enjoy!


A HUGE thanks to all of the amazing second shooters I’ve worked with who grabbed some of these *amazing* images of me.  I joke, but it’s really awesome to see myself work with my amazing couples.  I look at each of these images and remember exactly what I was doing and thinking.  My couples are so much more than just a date in the calendar to me.  They become a part of a growing family, and I get so excited when I see them out in the world, or sharing news about growth and adventures.  I really love this job, and all of the friends it has brought into my life.  Dare I be cliche and say I’m so blessed, but I truly am.  Here’s to another year full of great moments, snack breaks, and laughs!

*Hold for applause after all 2nd Photographers are listed*

Lauren Rachelle 

Jessica Husted

Erica Whiting

Diana Gramlich

Sarah Michelle

Alyssa Wales

*Also I can’t remember who I got the workshop BTS from since all of my attendees sent me some amazing ones!*

January 29, 2020

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