A Vanity Fair Inspired Shoot

I’ve always wanted to take my work to the next level, scrolling through the discover tab on Instagram, or the magazine shoots on Pinterest.  Insert all the heart eyed emojis here. I’ve been inspired by the likes of Mark Seliger, Annie Leibovitz, and Sue Bryce.  You wouldn’t know this looking at my wedding portfolio, but my personal preferences don’t always line up and that’s ok! I have always wanted to dip into those personal inspiration folders and incorporate them more.  My first styled shoot of 2020 was born from that idea.

I LOVE the Vanity Fair photo booth portraits. I wouldn’t even call it a photo booth, but they do so we’ll go with that.  I decided to just do it.  Find some killer dresses, and grab 2 couples and go for it. I stumbled upon Rent Me a Dress on instagram and knew I had to use her gowns.  They are so stunning and I found 2 that were perfect. Glam and sexy, yet simple. Silver and gold vibes meant we needed something plain and neutral location wise.  I put the word out for some models and the ladies that messaged me almost instantly- you guys.  If there was anyone who would be perfect for this, Emmy and Allie are it.  They are so freakin fun and I’m beyond impressed with how into they were.  We got their boo’s on board and were off! Emmy helped with pulling some location strings, and we secured an amazing studio space.  I really couldn’t have pulled this off without their help.

Scroll through these slowly, peep the glitz and glam, and take a peek at my now favorite male portrait.  Andy didn’t even need assistance he just pulled this out on his own and I. Was. Stunned. Emmy rocked my vintage fur, making me look like I was wearing a trash bag for clothing.  Jesse told me he had no idea what he was doing, but the minute I turned around and saw him 007 posing I knew that was a big fat lie.  Allie can turn the smize on as quick as a light switch, just changing her poses as I clicked on.  Basically I worked with the 4 greatest models I could have asked for, we had a freaking blast and the work I was able to created is still wowing me.

Emmy, Jesse, Allie & Andy- thank you for dressing up on a Sunday and listening to me squeal for a few hours.  You blew my mind.

I have never been more proud to share a personal session before, and now that the ice has been broken, you can expect to see more of this in the future! To everyone listed below, thank you for helping us to create something I have only ever kept to myself.  The love I have for portraits like these is seriously so huge.  I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Sarah Mk Moody & Maggie Knox Studio @ PACA (IG handles- @maggieknoxwestern @sarahmkstudio @paca)

Glam With Nat, Makeup (IG- @glamwithnat_)

Bowtie by Brackish (@brackishbowties)

Dresses are the Olivia and Gold Sparkle from www.rentmeadress.com (IG @rentme.a.dress)





February 25, 2020

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