A Romantic Winery Engagement Session

Winter engagement sessions in Northwest Pa are tricky.  Not because it’s too cold or snowy, but more so because as of lately there’s a chance there is no snow.  How do you have a winter engagement session with no snow??

Talking with Kaitlin before the session was so fun. She is seriously the sweetest and once she told me she had outfit ideas I knew that it was going to be good.  I didn’t know how good, but I had an idea.  We decided on meeting at Quincy Cellars in New York.  Kaitlin was really excited about the romantic vibe, and I absolutely love photographing there.  The white walls and light wood are so beautiful, and the overall vibe of the property is so perfect for romance.  After meeting them in the parking lot and chatting a bit with Antonio, we were ready to go.

I want to just add a quick note here.  Every single couple that I meet and photograph start their session with me the same way.  Nervous.  I get that on a real level.  This is weird. Im a crazy woman who enjoys squealing behind a camera telling you how amazing you look and you probably don’t get that every day. I mean I don’t even get that every day! I can promise that you will feel awkward for a few minutes, but that will fade.  You’ll start having fun and it’ll be like this huge black camera isn’t even there in your face.  I say this because as you scroll through here, I want to make sure you know that you and your babe will look this amazing too.  Kaitlin and Antonio told me they “aren’t photogenic” which is a big ol’ lie. I mean…look for yourself! Know that during your session with me you can tell me how nervous you are and how you don’t take good photos. I will laugh and tell you that’s ok and then I’ll tell you that you are a liar liar pants on fire the second I look at my screen.

Ok rant over. Now you can do your slow scroll!!


Kaitlin & Antonio – thank you for trusting me and letting me run around squealing with you.  I had a blast and I really can’t wait for your wedding day!

March 4, 2020

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