A Simple Summer Wedding | Pittsburgh Pennsylvania | Mr. & Mrs. Alchoufete

Sometimes small and simple is best.  That is definitely the case for Fadi and Laura.  One of the first things that Laura and I chatted about with these new plans is that she was almost relieved to go smaller.  I know that sometimes we can get caught up in all of the planning, and it becomes just a lot.  Sometimes all you want to do is just get married and spend the day together! Fadi and Laura were able to share the day in person with those that are the closest to them, and for everyone else their ceremony was live streamed! How fun right?

Laura looked absolutely amazing in her dress, and her smile when she was with her new hubby just lit up the trees.  We may have been watching the radar closely as it rained all morning long, but once the ceremony was over the sun came out and it was magical.

I wanted to take a few lines here and talk about trust.  I know that may be a bit out there to put in a post like this, but this is quite literally a perfect example of where trusting me will result in amazing results.  We decided to not drive anywhere off grounds for portraits.  For many reasons, weather and pandemic included, it just wasn’t sitting right.  That was totally ok! As I pulled into the parking lot of the church, I noticed that at the edge there were some trees and grass and some spots that were just big enough to stick the bridal party.  I knew in that moment that this was where we’d make the magic happen.  It wasn’t huge, nothing super picturesque, but looking at those images you’d never know!

Enjoy a look at some of their amazing moments from their beautiful wedding day in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

July 14, 2020

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