A Backyard Wedding in Titusville Pennsylvania | Mr. & Mrs. Phillips

Courtney and Jon shared a beautiful wedding day with their closest friends and family at the most perfect spot.  I drove down to Titusville Pa, down a little dirt road to a very special family friend’s home. Tucked away in their backyard was this perfect little spot to have a few people sit under some tents, and dance the night away in the grass.

I was so happy to see that the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. held onto the excitement and happiness that a wedding day should bring.  Everyone was more worried about how hot it was than anything else! It was a scorcher, and even though they put the beautiful log arbor right in the sun, it was perfect! The silence during the ceremony was almost church-like, which was amazing since we were outside.  Every time I attend a wedding I feel like I become more grounded in my own life.  Like all of the beautiful words and scripture shared sneak their way into me as I’m leaving.

I often think about it while on the ride home and can’t help but smile.  Being a part of something so amazing and special is truly a gift!

Enjoy these little moments from Jon & Courtney’s wedding day, and make sure to pay special attention to the cutest little flower girl that I’ve seen!!


September 4, 2020

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