A Presque Isle Picnic Engagement Session

Picnic engagement sessions have now become my favorite.  I mean we’re taking two of my favorite things, my job and food, and combining them so what could go wrong? Literally nothing guys.  Nothing. Cielo reached out to me via Instagram and we started chatting about her wedding day.  Let me tell you that these guys are so sweet, and hilarious! We had a blast during their session, and I know that the wedding day is going to be so freaking fun!

I have started asking my couples a little more about them. I know it may be totally weird, but I use that knowledge throughout the wedding experience. I really do! One question that I really love asking is what do you love most about your partner/what do they love most about you? These answers hit me right in the feels central but I really get an essence of your relationship just ion those few sentences. Here is what Ian and Cielo said:

“Cielo: What I love most about Ian is that he is always willing to lend a helping hand, he is equipped with so much patience, and he has the cutest dimples. Ian: What I love most about Cielo is how she is always there for me however I need, to encourage or comfort or just have fun with me”.

So sweet right? Seeing them interact with one another and just being with them really nailed this down too, so it was amazing for me to know that! I want to get to know all of my couples on a deeper level than what side of your face you like better.  That’s important sure, but I want to be a part of the story, help tell it in a personal way, and feel like a friend!

Enjoy a peek at some amazing drool worthy charcuterie and these 2 gorgeous people.  Beach picnics are always an automatic yes so if that’s what you like let’s do it!


September 23, 2020

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