A Rainy Autumn Engagement at Howard Eaton Reservoir | Matt & Ariel

Rainy days can cause some frowns and sad faces, especially when you’re supposed to have your engagement photos taken right? Not always!! Ariel and Matt wanted to try and beat the storm with me, and I was ready to go! I always have my clear bubble umbrellas with me, and they came in handy during the first part of their session!!

Not to worry though, because the storm missed Northeast and we were good to go.  Did you know that I love cloudy days for portrait sessions? The light on a cloudy day is so much more even and soft when it’s cloudy out. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sunset glow, but if that’s not an option I’ll take some clouds over anything else!

From Ariel,

Matt and I met while we were both attending LECOM (I was in the pharmacy program and he was in the medicine program). The first time we got together, we went to Starbucks to sit and talk. Matt was so nervous/excited that he didn’t even order coffee. That part of the story was even more adorable as we got to know each other, because he’s one of those people who needs coffee to function.

Matt proposed at Presque Isle, after Ariel had a particularly hard day at work.  Presque Isle seems to be such a great place to propose, and I can definitely see why! It’s perfect there!

Enjoy some amazing autumn colors, and adorable clear umbrella portraits!

October 22, 2020

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