An Epic Proposal at Black Elk Peak | Abbie & Ben

Ok ok ok, so this blog post is easily one of my top 5’s ever.  Like ever.  I was a part of an EPIC proposal.  I mean, top of a mountain in South Dakota epicness.  I don’t want to spoil all of these photos with a bunch of words, so I’m going to keep this quick.

Abbie & Ben are so freaking sweet and perfect together.  They have so much fun, and as we “hiked for some cute photos” together, (and I was sweating profusely out of nervousness) they were in front of me singing and marching and skipping together.  Like guys this came straight out of a rom-com.  There were a few places we stopped and took some cute photos, but the proposal cliff side was seriously the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of.

We also spent some time the next evening in Art Alley, taking so super fly formal portraits.  I’ll let you decided for yourself butI’m certain they are just going to rock the crap out of every photo they take.



October 26, 2020

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