A Look Back | 2020 Wedding Season

Well this year has certainly been interesting as far as weddings go right? I had no idea what was in store, and when I thought maybe I did, things changed.  That being said, I am so excited to share the amazing couples who said I do this year!! You guys did it, and during a pandemic no less. I am beyond proud of each and every one of my couples, even those who decided to wait it out.  I can’t even imagine how it felt to be a bride or groom this year, but I know that whatever the decision was, it was meant to be that way!

While I was looking through all of the galleries to form this blog post, I was instantly reminded of each wedding day.  It took me back to some absolutely magical days and I had the biggest smile on my face.  We had some breathtaking locations, sweet first look moments, hilarious bridal party portraits, and some creative exits! Overall, I’d say this year didn’t end up a bust at all, and hopefully you all agree as you look through these images!

**Note that I wanted to use an amazing song here, but make it 2020.  So enjoy this version of one of my favorite love songs!!

To each couple, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart thank you.  You guys are what make me so amazing and to be included in your day is truly a gift.  I wish you all of the happiness in the world and I am so excited to watch you all grow.  To the vendors I worked with- it was AMAZING to meet you all and get to work with you.  I know wedding days can be a big to-do behind the scenes and without you all, they wouldn’t have happened.

That’s all she wrote for 2020 friends, let’s see what 2021 brings us! Cheers!


December 31, 2020

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