A Spring Park Engagement | Aaron & Tiffany

This is a special session.  This is something I have been so excited to do sinceI became a wedding photographer.  My sister got engaged last summer, and I was able to be there and capture that moment.  It only seems fitting to also do their engagement session right? I thought so.

I was already back in Erie for a wedding, so it was easy!! I woke up in my sister’s house, helped her curl her hair like we used to do when we were kids, and off we went.  I had already helped her pick outfits out and even though we made last minute changes, they still looked amazing.  I mean my sister is adorable but there is just something about seeing her look so…adult-like…I don’t know.  It made me a little emotional maybe, or maybe I had a bad allergy day.  It’s fine.

Aaron met our family for the first time at our children’s baptism. Yes really.  I knew when I saw them together that he was something special.  He just fit right in without having to really try.  He felt like family before I even knew his middle name. He is an amazing dad to their children, and watching my sister (who was definitely going to be a “cool aunt” ) turn into a mom to his girls, and then Gabe, was such a crazy journey.  I am so dang proud of this girl, and I am so happy she found someone who gives it right back to her.  Enjoy these, because they are as special to me as they are to them I think.


April 29, 2021

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