Hello there dahling! I would just love to doll you up for a glamour or boudoir session. Boudoir photography is my passion and has all of my heart in it.  One of my goals in this business is to take every woman I meet and show her how gorgeous she is.  I want you all to have a chance to hang up your mom or wife hat and put on the sexy woman crown! You’re beautiful and you deserve to be pampered every once in a while don’t ya think? My Dolled-Up Dahling sessions include professional makeup application, full wardrobe styling /assistance, 1 hour session in my studio or location of your choice & a fully downloadable online gallery. Now doesn’t that sound fabulous? I think so…and I know you do too so let’s chat xoxo


Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.

AMEN to that girl!! You deserve this right now.  Don’t wait for just 10 more pounds, or that haircut.  Do it as you are now because trust me- that’s the real you! You are beautiful- let me show you.

Not up for a whole boudoir experience? That’s ok!! Welcome to Glam Girls- one step down from the typical boudoir session.  We will dress you up to the nines with a professional make up application and styling assistance, and give you the portraits that you’ll want your grandchildren to hang on their walls! These are so fun to shoot and nothing at all like those 80’s Boa Spotlight Glamour Shots 😉 


Ready for your glam experience? With packages starting at $175 let’s take a break from the real world together and shine that light on your beautiful! Most packages include professional makeup for that extra touch!