From "I will" to "I do" I will be there cheering you on and answering your questions.  I will be so much more than just your wedding photographer.  I want to celebrate with you as you check off your to-do list; starting with your perfect wedding day coverage. I offer custom wedding packages, tailored to your own wedding experience.  No other couple will receive the same wedding package as you, because no other wedding will be like yours.


Wedding & Engagement services

the Engagement session

The first time we meet should be relaxed and fun, not stressful and possibly your wedding day! I think that spending time cherishing your engagement period is so important. You are only engaged once, and for such a short time.  You need to dress up and feel the butterflies! Let's go someplace epic, or meet where you had your first date.  The opportunities are endless. Just like your love for each other.

Whether you've made it through that first year or you're at the 25 bench mark, anniversaries are so special and they deserve attention too! Let's get you back out there, dressed up and feeling romantic! I'll have you both laughing and cuddling the way you did back when you were dating!

The Wedding Day

The Anniversary

From getting ready to riding off into the night together, I will be there as so much more than your photographer.  I will pin on flowers, or tuck back a loose curl.  I'll share in the laughter and even a tear or two.  This is your day.  It's finally here and you will have no job other than to get dressed and go get yourself married.  Let me and your bridal party take care of the rest.  I pride myself in being fully immersive in the wedding industry, learning tips from every area possible (did you know that those orchids they put on plates are edible?) while maintaining the high photographic standard that all SZP couples receive.  Weddings are so much more than my job.  I get true happiness watching my couples profess their love and devotion to one another in front of those they hold dearest.  Big or small, I love them all.